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At Home with The McGees | Niceville, Florida | Lifestyle Photographer

These are the best types of sessions.
No stress. No posing. No getting all dolled up.

Just you, your family, and the willingness to love and connect with one another. The best part? You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Seriously. There’s just something about these sessions that are so calming and relaxed. I adore them. My time with The McGees was no different. They were an absolute JOY and I loved being able to document a small part of their life for them.

Have you ever considered booking an In-home Lifestyle Session? If you’ve been thinking about it but are still on the fence, what’s holding you back?! The price? You don’t think your house is “up to par”? I’d love to know your thoughts. Comment below and tell me! <3

Holly + Dustin | Arnett's Gulfside Farm Weddings | Santa Rosa Beach, FL

This bride and groom are an absolutely gorgeous couple. They were surrounded by the sweetest, most welcoming friends and family- I truly enjoyed capturing their day. The Wedding took place on a beautiful little horse farm in Santa Rosa Beach. From the decorations to the food, everything was amazing.

My favorite moment from the entire day was the feet washing ceremony. How beautiful it was to watch 2 people promise to serve Christ and one another for the rest of their lives. In John 13:17 the Lord promises that when we have that of a servant's heart, we will be greatly blessed. I truly believe these two will be blessed for years to come.

Thank you Holly + Dustin for allowing me to capture your beautiful day! 


Heather + Her "Babies" | Motherhood | Crestview, Florida | Lifestyle Photographer

I just adore being able to get my family in the frame. All of my sessions hold a special place in my heart, but sessions with my family are even more special, for obvious reasons.

If you haven't met my sister Heather, just know she is amazing. She is stubborn and sarcastic and funny and always speaks her mind- she may even cuss a little much... But she has a heart of gold. She will literally do anything for anyone in need. I've witnessed first hand the kindness in her heart. She has done so much for me personally, and for my little family. I will never be able to fully thank her or repay her for the things she has done (and continues to do)- but I hope she knows just how much I cherish and love her. I adored her session with her babes and I hope she does, too.

Heather, Elijah, and Lillie<3


Fed is Best | Motherhood | Crestview, FL Photographer

When I was pregnant with my first child I was 100% positive that I was going to breastfeed him. But, as every Mom knows, this journey with kids is so unpredictable and things don't always go as planned no matter how badly you want them to. I was in active labor for 14 long, unmedicated, hours when I was told that I would have to have a c-section. Was it the end of the world? Well no, but for someone who didn't even have it in the back of her mind at all, it was pretty devastating. 


Of course everything went great, my little guy came out healthy as could be and I loved him more than anything in the world. It was definitely one of the best days of my life! But I was in a lot of pain. I didn't really get much help from the staff with breastfeeding and getting him to latch properly, so by the time I got home my nipples were cracked and bleeding. If you've never experienced this, lucky you, because that crap hurts haha! Between that and my c-section incision I was so miserable. I also believe I was dealing with a little bit of postpartum depression which just added onto to the misery.


That first week was such an emotional rollercoaster for all of us. I just cried and cried and cried. My husband didn't know what to do, I wasn't even close to enjoying motherhood, and I just felt like I was completely failing my boy. As much as I wanted to, I felt like I couldn't give up breastfeeding because "formula is bad" and what will people think and will we have that same kind of bond that breastfeeding moms do???? It was such a difficult decision for me, but eventually I did give up and I felt so guilty about it for the longest time. But then I had a moment where I realized- my baby is happy, healthy, and thriving on formula. I'm happy. I'm enjoying motherhood, my husband was able to help me feed him (which he LOVED), my son and I had an INCREDIBLE bond and overall everything was so much better for our little family! 


So in this case, for my family, formula was what was best for us. However, I did successfully breastfed our second child (18 months) and it has been a completely different but amazing experience! I have enjoyed every single moment of it. But you know what? The results are the same-- two happy, healthy, beautiful, amazing little boys who love their Mama unconditionally. Which just goes to show it isn't about the way you feed them, it is about the way you love, nurture, and care for them!!! Let's be honest, our babes aren't going to remember how they were fed as infants, they are going to remember how you raised them. So please please please don't let the choice between formula and breastfeeding determine your worth as a mother. If you are trying your hardest to make decisions with your child's absolute best interest in mind, you are doing a good job Mama! 


I am so thankful for these 5 ladies who came out to support one another and help advocate that Fed is Best! They were amazing and just absolutely stunning. There was a lot of laughs, a little conversation, some baby loving.... and then they nourished their littles in a way that was best for their family<3 It was a such beautiful evening and I'm so thankful I was there to document it all! If you missed out, don't worry- I'll be doing it again next year with hopefully even more Mama's! Until then, here's the rest of the images from this gorgeous session... enjoy <3


The Essence of Motherhood | Florida Lifestyle Photographer | Mama + Me Session

I love photographing mothers. There's just something so special held within their hearts that shine through every in-between moment..... THAT is what I love documenting.